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A Growing Relationship

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Showcasing a love for transforming property interiors of all types, Jane Clayton & Company found the range of distinctive styling and accessories offered by The Libra Company to be that of ‘good quality innovative designs’ in which a firm business partnership has been forged and has continuously grown over the past 11 years.

With Libra products adorning every corner of its showroom, Jane Clayton & Company praises the range of cutting edge designs which Libra offer to fit in with current and new interior trends alike. “Our designers like that the collection is regularly updated, and although it maintains an overall style, there is always a good amount of variety,” says Susie Cochrane, Jane & Company Purchaser.

With the widest range of designer collections providing ample inspiration, Susie comments that The Libra Company’s furniture and artwork are often selected to “compliment a scheme with a particular colour or feel” with Libra’s sculptures working especially well in providing a statement piece. As well as being functional and stylish, The Libra Company know the importance of quality within the industry, which is another reason why Jane Clayton & Company has worked with them for so many years.

“As well as offering great quality, stylish products, we have built up a good relationship with The Libra Company over time and we feel the team are keen to help us achieve our deadlines and meet our needs,” Susie adds.

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