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The Winter Blues

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As the nights draw in, our coats come out of hiding, and hibernation mode starts kicking in, it’s natural for us interiors enthusiasts to start veering towards autumnal tones – warm russets, conker browns and antique golds feel like the natural choice. But sometimes we need to fight fire with fire – or rather, the winter blues with, well, blues.

Indigo in particular has been a key colour this year and one that carries striking emotional and historical associations. It is a very rich deep blue with a dash of inky purple, and it’s this tone that makes it actually very warm and intriguing. Blues are known to stimulate inner contemplation and clear thought (not to mention restful sleep), it is serene and calming and therefore actually quite an apt colour to surround oneself with through the winter months.

Indigo was once the most important dye in the world. Derived from Greek, the word actually means ‘from India’ – hot origins for a ‘cool’ colour. Not to mention that all jeans, our winter wardrobe staples, from pale washes to deep, dark denims all use indigo – the strength of colour simply produced from how many times the fabric is dipped into the dye.

Decorating with this bold, intense colour is actually easier than you might think simply due to the fact that it goes with pretty much any other colour. A whole room in this tone looks incredible but is understandably a step too far for some. A painted feature wall can be a good way to go – try Little Greene’s ‘Mambo 112′ for a true indigo with just the right amount of purple – it’s almost like carbon paper in colour – very regal and confident.

If, for now, you just want to dip your toe into this gorgeous colour, indigo accessories can be enough of statement. Libra have introduced some stunning new Indigo pieces this season which can be grouped together for a colour inspired vignette or mixed in with white for a calmer, more understated look. Either way, it’s a way for you to experiment without too much commitment – a rug or a cushion can make a huge difference to a room but can simply be swapped out if you feel it’s not your palette.

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We are all very comfortable with the idea of cocooning ourselves with new coats, scarves and hats as winter approaches, but it might be time for us to stat thinking of our homes as the ultimate winter cocoon, the place where we hide from the elements and therefore somewhere it’s worth adapting and investing in to see through those long dark nights. Colour can affect our moods and energies in incredible ways – try it, one vase this year might encourage a whole wall next year.