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How to Style an Occasional Table

If you’re looking to update your home for spring but don’t have the time for a full revamp, re-styling one area of a room is a great way to add a different dimension to your space. Occasional tables are the perfect way to introduce interest to the room without being too overwhelming.

To help you get creative with your tables, we’ve divided our tips into 3 easy steps!

  1. Choose a theme that compliments your existing scheme: when styling a small area, you don’t want to introduce a completely new look, so choose pieces that will enhance what you’ve already got.
  2. Match your accessories: to avoid over complicating the arrangement, try to stick to a colour scheme. For example, if you have chosen a monochrome theme, accessorise with a spectrum of black, white and grey tones. If you want to inject a burst of colour then try adding fresh flowers that complement the hue of the room.
  3. Get Styling: Get the proportions right – it’s about balance. Remember, you want to show off the table and add some creativity to the space. Move the ornaments and decorations around until you find an arrangement that works for you. For example, using a mixture of heights will add depth to the arrangement.


1.  Langan Floor Lamp in Nickel with Black Shade; 2. Black and White Diamond Print Decorative Box; 3. Harston Black Mantel Clock; 4. Bone Inlay Humbug 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet;

Our first theme is Monochrome. We have chosen this dramatic Humbug Side Table which works well against either dark walls and floors or a bright white backdrop. When choosing a patterned table it’s best to match the ornaments to the colours of the design so as not to take away from its statement features. Foregoing colour will not sacrifice the look, as texture and different hues of grey can be used to add a subtle interest to the room.


1. Coastal Glass Table Lamp; 2. Darwin Natural Ash 3 Drawer Console; 3. Set Of 3 Glass Drum Hurricanes with Woven Rattan Detail; 4. Recycled Glass Large Bottle Vase

A coastal theme is a timeless classic and will look great in light and airy rooms. Use a variety of blue hues to represent the sea and sky and a combination of soft calming sand colours to create a gentle beach feel. Our Glass Hurricanes with woven rattan detailing go perfectly with the ash coloured tones of the table and will balance out the blue hues in the recycled glass vases. To finish, accessorise with natural ornaments such as drift wood or shells.


1. Claridge Deco Mirrored Console; 2. Platonic Antique Gold Tray; 3. Claridge Deco Round Mirror; 4. Black And Gold Print Ceramic Lidded Jar

For our third table we have opted for a more extravagant theme – more, in this case, is definitely more! An Art Deco vibe is created using mirrored surfaces and sleek lines that look opulent yet elegant. To add even more charisma to this arrangement, add a dazzling statement mirror and a vase of fresh or faux flowers.


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