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How to Style a Monochrome Scheme

If you’re looking to take a room back to basics, you can’t go wrong with a timeless monochrome scheme. From classic interiors, reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden-era, to pared-back Scandi inspired spaces, there are numerous ways to interpret this look – each as elegant as the next.

Below we’ve rounded-up some of our top tips for incorporating this palette into your home:

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1. Create Balance

Balance is key to making this look work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean incorporating equal proportions of each colour- it’s more about placement than anything else, using the opposite colour to create variety and interest.


2. Add an Accent

Bold accent colours such as pink, yellow or green work wonderfully in monochrome schemes and can be used to make a real statement.  Ensure that you stick to one or two hues, so as not to overwhelm the space.


3. Accessorise with Metallic Finishes

There’s nothing quite like a metallic finish to add a touch of luxe to a monochrome scheme. From sleek silvers and glimmering golds, through to the metal of the moment – copper – these eye-catching textures can be used to take your scheme to the next level. Less is more however, so ensure that they’re used sparingly for maximum effect.


4. Explore Shades of Grey

If you’re wanting to create a look that’s a little softer, why not consider incorporating a few soft grey shades? They’ll help to blur the contrast between black and white.


5. Play with Textures

Working with a restricted colour palette means that you can go all out with texture. It’s an easy way to ensure that a room doesn’t look flat and will help to create a space that’s inviting and warm. Think sheepskin rugs, woven accessories and tasselled throws.


For more inspiration, why not check out our monochrome themed Pinterest board?




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