Throughout the year we travel far and wide, sourcing beautiful furniture and homewares from across the globe to add to our collections; it’s one of the ways we ensure that our portfolio remains diverse and exciting. We are therefore delighted to introduce you to one of our latest collections – Pearl –straight from one of Libra’s heartlands, India.

Featuring an array of beautifully hand-crafted pieces – from dining tables to cabinetry – each distinctive piece is created by a small artisan company, using long-established methods passed down from generation to generation.

Manufacturing Images

Taking inspiration from traditional floral patterns, each piece features a pattern of petals and leaves, delicately intertwined to create an individual work of art. Made by inlaying hand-carved pieces of bone into a soft resin, each design takes a team of skilled artists and furniture makers at least a week to complete. As a result, no two pieces are the same; much like their namesake, the pearl.

Working closely with the team, the furniture makers developed a brand new shade of grey resin – now exclusive to Libra – that pairs beautifully with the creamy bone patterns to create a look that’s soft, feminine and elegant.

Pearl Cut-Outs

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